Drowned in Sound-8 out of 10 for CURE FOR DREAMING

Drowned in Sound gave Jenny Gillespie's CURE FOR DREAMING an 8/10 review. 


"Jenny Gillespie seems to be a musician growing ever more comfortable with who she is. I imagine her as someone who'd love you to love her music, but from whom it would continue to pour our regardless of whether or not anyone ever responded to it. A true artist."

Listen to the song "Pain Travels (Chakra Huckster)" from the album below!

Jenny Gillespie Cure for Dreaming almost here

Jenny's new album Cure for Dreaming is almost here (it will be out 1/29/16). You can pre-order vinyl, cd or digital in the shop. Listen to the single "Part Potawatomi" from the album below!


The Line of Best Fit buzzes: "Her achingly beautiful forthcoming album Cure For Dreaming...working with musicians who've played with Robert Plant and Alison KraussDavid Bowie, and Bon Iver, among others. Together they've crafted something great that deserves to be acknowledged."